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Here are the flashes currently in my collection. Click the links below for specs and pics.

Canon Speedlite 430EX II, Dedicated flash for Canon EOS digital cameras.
Canon Speedlite 540 EZ, Dedicated flash for Canon EOS cameras. Sets sync speed and aperture on camera, adjusts for lens focal length, backlighting. Illuminates scene for auto-focus. Walks the dog and takes out the trash. Was designed for the Canon EOS 1N, their top of line film camera.
Canon Speedlight 155a, Dedicated flash for Canon AE-1. Like new in orig bag. Takes 4 AA batteries. No cable connection.
Chinar A-150, a generic thyristor flash for any camera with a hot shoe.
Chinon S-120, Dedicated flash for the Chinon CP-9AF. Powered by the camera, automates flash.
Chinon S-240, Dedicated flash for the Chinon CE-4.
Chinon S-250 Zoom, came with Chinon CP-7M no2.
Hanimex CB2200 Came with Konica Autoreflex TC, generic thyristor flash, head tilts.
Konica X-24 Auto, Dedicated flash for the Konica FS-1, FC-1 (I don't have yet), FP-1, and FT-1.
Kyocera Yashica CS-110AF, Dedicated flash for the Yashica 250-AF. Powered by the camera, automates flash.
Minolta 1800AF, Designed for Minolta Maxxum 7000. Fully auto, no manual modes.
Minolta D314i, Only works on the Minolta Maxxum 3000i, which I don't even have. Stupidly thought it would work on all "dynax" hot shoes. Read before you buy.
Minolta Program 3500xi, Dedicated flash for Minolta Maxxum Xi series, which again I have don't have. But it's supposed to work on any Dynax hotshoe camera to the limits of the camera.
Minolta Maxxum 3500xi.
Nikon SB-15, Dedicated TTL flash for Nikons, noted in the Nikon EM manual. Vert or horiz orientation. Takes 4 AA's. Has a PC connector, can be used with hot shoe adapter and cable, with any camera in auto or manual modes.
Nikon SB-600, only good for Nikon digital cameras.
Nikon SB-E, For Nikon EM. No cable connection, small and easy to use, like the camera it's designed for.
Pentax AF160, a small 2 x AA powered dedicated thyristor flash.
Pentax AF280T, a larger dedicated TTL flash for some Pentax models.
Ricoh Speedlite 260P, a smaller, simpler flash dedicated to Ricoh's program cameras.
Ricoh XR Speedlite 300P, a dedicated flash for Ricoh program cameras. Sets shutter speed and displays flash ready in viewfinder.
Sunpak Auto 144D, my first multi-dedicated flash. Works on many kinds of old cameras.
Sunpak Auto 266D, I have 2, one dedicated to Canon, the other dedicated to Ricoh.
Sunpak Auto 321S, Generic thyristor flash.
Tristar 320TZB Generic thyristor flash, 3 auto modes 4 x AA batteries. Pivots and adjusts to lenses.
Tristar 150A Generic thyristor flash, manual and auto modes 4 x AA batteries. Compact, no pivot.
Vivitar 550FD M/P/O, Minolta / Pentax / Olympus. Works with Minolta 7000.
Vivitar 2000, For use with cameras with generic hot shoes. This is my go to flash for very old cameras.
Vivitar 730AFM came with and supports wireless flash cameras like my Minolta Maxxum 7xi.
Yashica CS-221 Dedicated TTL flash for use on Yashica FX-103.
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