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Here are the flashes currently in my collection. Click the links below for specs and pics.

3-20-23 News: Added a Vivitar 2000 non-dedicated thyristor flash unit, for use on any camera with a hot shoe. It has no sync cable, but I can use the Nikon SB-15 on those cameras with a sync cable. The accessory / cold shoe has to be taped over, so the extra pins don't short out. Or I can use a hot-shoe converter I have (about $10 bucks on Ebay, including the sync cable), which has a sync cable port. I also have a flash handle (about $10 bucks on Ebay) that mounts to the tripod socket and has two accessory shoes. That's for cameras that don't even have any accessory cold shoe. So even though I very rarely need flash, I have it covered.

Model, Date, Cost, Notes.

Canon Speedlight 155a, 12-10-22, $36.79, Dedicated flash for Canon AE-1. Like new in orig bag. Takes 4 AA batteries.
No cable connection.
Minolta 1800AF, 2-28-23 $20.91 Designed for Minolta Maxxum 7000. Fully auto, no manual modes.
Minolta D314i, 2-26-23 $10.86 Dedicated flash for Minolta Maxxum 3000i. No generic will fit, no PC socket.
Nikon SB-15, 12-16-22, $10.86, Dedicated flash for Nikons, vert or horiz orientation. Takes 4 AA's. Has a PC connector,
can be used with hot shoe adapter and cable, with any camera in auto or manual modes.
Nikon SB-600, 1-14-22, $25.00, Only good for Nikon digital cameras.
Nikon SB-E, 12-4-22, $21.74, For Nikon EM. No cable connection.
Vivitar 550FD M/P/O, 5-27-22, $10.81, Minolta / Pentax / Olympic. Works with Minolta 7000.

Vivitar 2000, 3-10-23, $10.81, For use with cameras with generic hot shoes.

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