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Here are accessories and tools used with the collection. Click the links below for specs and pics.

Canon Power Winder A, for A series Canons.
Canon Power Winder A2, a bigger winder for A series Canons.
Canon Power Winder F, for the Canon F1.
Copy stand with lights, used for documenting cameras and shooting test patterns with them.
Dekk DBK-C50D battery grip.
Fujica Auto Winder X.
Fujica AZ-1 winder.
Kalimar screw in self timer, works on any camera with a threaded cable release.
Level cube with shoe mount, used on the copy stand, or tripod for fine level adjustments.
Minolta Winder G.
Ricoh PG-4 power grip, actually a winder.
How to make a perfect film dryer for $14 bucks. Use a salad spinner to eliminate water spots.
Magnetic lab stirrer for mixing darkroom chemicals.
How to mount a box camera on a tripod without changing the camera. Use this with Kodak box cameras.
TTartisan meter 2, a 3-led attachable for cameras with dead meters, or otherwise don't have one. Also allows comparison testing.
Wolverine film and slide scanner, what I digitize all the 110 and 35mm film with.
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