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These are the cameras in my collection, and some pictures taken with them. Collecting cameras is addictive, but not too expensive. Most of my cameras and related stuff come from thrift shops or online auctions for $3 to $30 each. Many happy hours are spent researching, shopping, and long walks looking for something to shoot pictures of. The current count is 56 cameras, 67 lenses, and 12 flashes. Some were groundbreaking, some were the last models a company made. Hoping to add more medium format cameras and color processing eventually. These pages are constantly being updated. Nothing here is for sale.

Bessler Topcon Auto 100: 1964-1973. First production camera with TTL (through the lens) metering. Another camera with a bladed shutter instead of focal plane. Uses Topcon UV lens mount.

Canon F-1: 1971 to 1981, my copy made in January 1980. It was Canon's first challenge to Nikon's supremacy in pro cameras.

Canon EF: 1973 to 1978. First Canon SLR with a vertical travel Copal metal shutter. Speeds down to 1/30th are mechanical, below that electronic. Similar to F-1 in features, no changable prisms or finder screens.

Canon TX: 1975-1979. Manual match needle exposure and focusing.

Canon AE-1: 1976 to 1984. AE for auto exposure. First microprocessor equipped SLR.

Canon A1: 1978 to 1985. Top of Canon's 'A' line. Manual focus Canon FD lenses.

Canon T50: 1983 to 1989. T-series was the last to use manual focus FD lenses.

Canon T50 #2: 1983 to 1989. Damaged unit won in an auction package with 2 other cameras. Hasn't arrived yet.

Canon T70: 1984 to 1987. Motorized film handling, easy load. 8 exposure modes, including manual and stopped down. Manual ISO / ASA override!

Canon Rebel S II: 1987 to 1996? Auto-focusing with Canon EF lenses, does not mount newer EF-S stabililzed lenses. Motorized film handling. Supports all exposure modes.

Canon EOS 20d: 2004 to 2005. Digital. Uses EF and EFS (stabilized) autofocus lenses.

Chinon SLR: 1979. Mounts M42 lenses, with a metal vertical curtain shutter, with a faster 125th flash sync.

Cosina CSM: 1979 to ? Compact camera mounts M42 lenses, half-press for stop-down. 3 LED metering. Uses 1.5v batts, and can do aperture priority automation (with an accessory I don't have).
Test shots online, click link to see.

Fujica ST-605: 1976. First out with a silicone photocell light meter. M42 lens mount.

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye: 1949-1961. Uses 620 or 120 medium format film. Fixed focus and aperture, 2 shutter speeds. I have the bulb flash attachment.

Kodak Instamatic X-15: 1970 to 1976. Uses 126 film, now unobtainable. Last Kodak Instamatic made in the US. Fakmatic cartridge to shoot 35mm film was designed for this model.

Kodak Pocket Instamatic 30: 1972 to 1976, uses 110 film. Requires the infamous "K" battery. Uses aperture priority auto-exposure, and Magicubes for flash.

Konica Autoreflex TC: 1976 to 1982. A low cost beginner's camera with some nice features.

Konica FT-1: Released 1982. Konica's top of line.

Konica TC-X: Released in 1983. First Konica SLR made by an outside manufacturer, Cosina. First SLR with all plastic body. First camera to use the then new DX encoding for film speed. Last SLR sold by Konica.

Kowa SET R2: 1968 to 1972. Last SLR with blade shutter. Kowa R-mount lenses.

Mamiya 500 DTL: 1968. M42 lens mount, selectable spot or average TTL (through the lens) metering.

Mamiya Sekor MSX 500 Released in 1974, uses 35mm film and MX style M42 lenses. Can mount and use any M42 lenses without the auto-stopdown feature. Spot metering only (unlike the switchable Mamiya 500 DTL I have). Manual exposure (match needle) and focus.

Mamiya ZE-2 Quartz 1980 to 1984. Z-series is last for Mamiya. First electronic coupled lenses from Japan. First quartz timed electronic shutter. First with audible shake warning. Uses dedicated E or EF lens mount lenses.

Minolta 16: 1957-1960. Spy camera, 16mm film in cartridge, no battery or meter.

Minolta SRT-101 #1: 1966-1973. Minolta SRT-mount lenses. Works but dented.

Minolta SRT-101 #2: 1966 to 1973. Less damaged copy of SRT-101 #1 above.

Minolta XG-1 1979. Sometimes you just get screwed on Ebay.

Minolta Autopak 460tx: 1979 to mid 80's, uses 110 film. Metal blade mechanical shutter, 1/200 sec fixed, powered by one 1.5V AA battery. Built-in electronic flash, Aperture priority auto-exposure. Viewfinder shows low light warning and flash ready status.

Minolta Maxxum 7000 1985 to 1988. First with auto-focusing lenses and motorized film transport. Uses AAA batteries. Minolta / Sony A-mount lenses.

Minolta Maxxum 400si: 1993. It uses the newer, non-standard (Dynax?) hot shoe and only works with Minolta dedicated flashes.

Minolta Maxxum HTsi: 1998. All exposure modes, faster automatic focusing, motorized film handling.

Minolta XTsi 1998 to ?? 4 exposure modes, including manual. Shutter to 1/4000th. Motorized film handling. Built in flash. Upgraded sister to the HTsi. Test pics in, click link to see.

Minox B 1959. Uses 8mm film in a re-loadable Minox film cartridge. Needs no batteries, self-powered exposure meter. A staple of spy films.

Miranda B: 1958. First Japanese model with instant-return mirror. Uses both Miranda bayonet AND M44 screw on lenses. Interchangable pentaprism or waist-level finder.

Nikon EM: 1979 to 1982. First budget-priced Nikon product, generally disliked by Nikon owners. Smaller size, plastic covers, marketed as a "woman's camera". Nikon F-mount "Type E" manual focus lenses. Aperture-priority-only, no full manual exposure mode capability.

Nikon N50: 1994 to ??. Autofocus, motorized film handling. 4 exposure modes including manual. Made for AF-D lenses, can't even meter with some other Nikon lenses. Entry level.
6-3-23: Color test roll back from processing, never try expired color film again. Click link to see results.

Nikon N80d: 5-27-23: Won at auction with 2 other cameras. Not in yet.

Pentax Auto 110: Smallest SLR ever made. Uses 110 film, aperture priority automation, interchangable lenses.

Pentax PZ-1: 1991 to 2000. Top of the Z-line when released. Kaf2 lenses preferred. All modes.

Pentax SF10: 1988 to ??. Motorized film handling, autofocus. KAF mount. DX only filmspeed.

Pentax ZX-10: 1996. All modes incl manual. Man or DX film speed. Kaf2 lens preferred.

Pentax ZX-50: 1997. Man or DX film speed, all modes, Kaf2 lens preferred.

Petri FT: 1965 to 1969. Single camshaft actuates the entire mechanism, and seems to jam them as mine is.
5-27-23: Fix it. Loose brass nut rolled out of the bottom, and it works just fine.

Petri FT-II: 1970. Similar to Petri FT. Same single camshaft, and jammed exactly the same also.

Polaroid Swinger: 1965 to 1970, uses Polaroid type 20 film, now unobtainable.

Quantaray D2-RZ: 1979 to 1983. AKA Topcon RM 300.

Ricoh KR-30 ST program: 1985 to 1990?. Last of the KR series. Uses Ricoh P series lenses to provide 2 progam exposure modes. Uses an LCD panel instead of LED's in the viewfinder.

Ricoh KR-5: 1979-1980. AKA Sears KS500.

5-27-23:Ricoh KR-10: 1980. AKA Sears KSX. Won in auction with 2 other cameras. Not in yet.

Sears Tower 39: 1961, Made by Mamiya.

Sears KS-2: 1982. AKA Ricoh XR-7, their top of line.

Sears KS500: 1978 to 1981 in the Sears catalog. First K-mount camera sold by Sears. AKA Ricoh KR-5.

Sony DSC-H7: 2007. Found in bag with other camera from auction. Bought a charger and batteries, works fine.

Vivitar 220/SL: 1975. AKA Cosina Hi-Lite 202.

Vivitar V3300SE: 1997 to ? K-mount lenses, 3 LED match needle exposure meter, no auto modes, no auto focus.

Yashica FR-II: 1977 to 1981. Shutter priority automated exposure only, no shutter speed selection or manual mode. C/Y lens mount.

Yashica FX-2: 1976. C/Y lens mount. Match needle, manual exposure and focus. All metal and glass. Has an on/off switch by the rewind knob.

Yashica FX-3: 1979 to 1984. Metal vertical shutter. 3 LED exposure meter in viewfinder. Small size, all black, cover rotted off.

Yashica FX-D: 1981 to 1985. Manual film handling and focus, aperture or shutter priority auto-exposure and manual.
5-27-23: Now shooting test roll.

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