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Mark's Vivitar 70-210mm F:2.8-4 Nikon F-mount lens

Bought this at a thrift store for $50 to use with a Nikon EM I bought there also. Of course anything Nikon gets overpriced, normally I pay $10 to $20 for lenses. Happily this one works oK, and didn't wreck the camera. You must be careful with Nikon lenses, some will mount but damage the camera. Like selling cars with non-standard transmission controls. You're supposed to be a Nikon expert and know these things. Vivitar Series 1 were they're high end lenses, and this one is very clean. See test pics from this lens below the lens pics.
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6-3-2023:Taken with Nikon N50 on expired color film. This manual lens worked perfectly with the autofocus N50.

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