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Mark's Mark's Minolta 55mm F1.7 Rokkor PF SRT-mount lens

I thought this lens was a write-off. Came with Minolta SRT-101 #2. The aperture was all gooped up with oil. But I fixed it today, after watching a Youtube video here: Here. This is a MC2 lens, think it was made in 1968. Looks great on my SRT-101 (#1), made in 1967. Instead of taking it down to the diaphragm blades (as the video suggests), I just immersed the whole diaphragm carrier in the untrasonic cleaner and submerged it in alcohol. Let it run for ten minutes or so, blew it dry while opening and closing it. Now it looks and works like new. Much easier than expected. The whole shutter assembly pops right out after removing the front lens group. I'm clearly no expert, so don't fiddle with your equipment and expect it to work again. I had nothing to lose.

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