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Mark's Danubia C/Y mount 2x teleconverter

I'm putting this in the lens department because someone paid $50 for this thing, which is more than I pay for nice lenses these days. It came with it's original cardboard box (with that price tag on it from "Century"), a perfectly new leather case, and both lens caps. Superb. Probably never use it. It came with my 3 Yashica deal from Goodwill. I don't even count little extras like this as part of the deal. I've got light meters, cases, straps, and other stuff. But this has a lens in it, so I'll call it a lens. The adjustment lever lets you set the maximum aperture. I'm not sure why that's important yet.

Pics taken with / without this 2x "converter" 5-29-23 with Yashica FX-D Quartz on Arista EDU 100 ASA film. This is a 50mm lens, then with the doubler added. I like using the trash bin as a model, as it's easy to focus on with lots of contrasty lines. The truck arrived a few minutes later and cleaned it all up.

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