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I bought this flash from an Ebay auction for $10.86 including tax and shipping (!), for use on older cameras that have a generic hot shoe. The tilt head lets you bounce the light off the cieling for a more natural looking pictures, without any calculus. It's a thermister flash with two auto modes, and can use whatever X sync speed the camera supports. The thermister circuit shuts down the flash when it (the flash) calculates the subject has had enough exposure. It saves the left-over energy and recycles faster than older flashes that dumped the whole capacitor's energy at once. That makes it better for fash shooters. Without all the extra pins that dedicated flashes have, it doesn't provide ready lights or flash information in the viewfinder. I found my dedicated flashes didn't work on old cameras, as the dedicated pins shorted out on the metal accessory shoe. I taped them over, and ran a sync cable to the (Nikon SB-15) flash. While that worked, it wasn't very elegant, and wouldn't work on cameras lacking a PC sync connection on the camera. This will also work fine on my fancier cameras with dedicated flashes, just won't provide that extra information. This is the one I should have bought first.

Here are the auction pics.
Front head down Front head up Back
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