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Mark's Tristar 320TZB flash page

This flash came with a Konica TC-X camera kit I bought at auction. It was full of leaky alkaline batteries, but I cleaned it out and it works OK. It's a thyristor type flash, with 3 ranges. You set the ASA or DIN, it points to an F-stop and range in feet and meters. For example at ASA 400, it says F4 will give me about 30 feet of range. The head pivots 90 degrees, and it looks like there's a hood that extends for wide, standard and telephoto lenses. There's also an auto check lamp that you can use to see if it made enough light for the scene. It's got a single pin, for generic hot shoes, it's not dedicated to a specific brand. I tested it with NiMH batteries so I guess they're fine.

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