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Mark's Tristar 150A flash Page

This also arrived with my Konica TC-X camera kit, from a Goodwill online auction. It arrived full of leaking alkaline batteries. I cleaned it up and it works fine. It uses 4 AA batteries, I tested it with NiMH, so I guess those are OK. It came in the original box, with a $19.99 price tag.It says it has a 4 second quickrecharge, and a guide number of 48. It's a smaller flash and does not tilt or swivel. It has a single hotshoe pin, not dedicated for any brand. It's a thermistor type with only manual and auto modes. The auto range goes from 4.3 to 17 feet. There's a chart on the back showing the F-stops for ASA 25 to 1000, and F-stops to distance for manual mode. Of course it's got a ready light and a test button, and also an auto-check lamp to see if it's putting out enough light for your scene. Fairly simple, automatic, and works on anything with a hotshoe. There appears to be a cable port, but I don't have the cable.

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