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This arrived with my Fujica AX-5 camera. This is the first flash I've collected that has the sync cable built-in, so it didn't get lost. Several cameras in the collection have a cold shoe I can use this on. It arrived with a little corrosion in the battery compartment, but easily fixed. It also arrived with a cool diffuser and filter holder. The filters slide down inside it, and arrived with all the documentation. This flash also can go vertical, or horizontal on either side. The tube section pulls out and tilts left or right if vertical, or up / down when horizontal. It's not a dedicated flash, single pin in the hotshoe only. The sliding scales make it much easier to use, you can't get the wrong aperture setting. Setting the ASA and mode switches show only the right scale. It takes 4 AA batteries. I tested with Nimh batteries which worked fine.
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