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Found one of these on Goodwill's auction for around twenty bucks, with about 5 minutes till auction end. Wondering if that was a good deal, I googled it, and found this one, for $3 and change. It already had the obligatory battery corrosion cleaned up, and was tested OK, at an antique store. Bought it instantly, and today it arrived, obviously packed with loving care. Initial test was perfect. It's dedicated for all the models shown in the first picture, some of which I have, and maybe others too. It doesn't do anything I can't do myself, just sets the shutter speed and lights the viewfinder "ready" light. I have several generic flashes that would work just as well, but it's a big thrill to see things work right. Finding the original dedicated flashes for these old cameras (for almost nothing) is harder than I hoped.

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