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Mark's Ricoh XR-300P Page

This is a dedicated flash for Ricoh program cameras. It arrived with the usual battery damage, but I was able to clean it up, and it works again. It was tested on my Ricoh XR-P. When powered up it changes the camera's shutter speed to a faster sync speed, and lights a ready light. The camera must be in program mode. If you don't wait for the ready light it shoots anyway with a L-O-N-G exposure. Have been trying to fill out the Fuji and Ricoh exhibits, so very happy to find this on Ebay. It was so unwanted that the seller offered me a couple of bucks off the $12 "buy it now" deal. The total was $19.40 with freight. If you're a collector you know how hard it is to find decades old flashes that still work. Between the leaking battery problem and the very high voltages these work at, most are junk.
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