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Mark's Minolta D-314i flash Page

Right after I won an auction for a Minolta 300i camera, I ordered this tiny dedicated flash for it. The Ebay vendor charged me about ten bucks, including freight. It was a great deal. When the camera arrived I immediatly notice the back wouldn't latch, so this flash will sit in the "flashes" box until I find another Minolta that uses this peculiar hot shoe. It's the smallest electronic flash I've seen, because it has no batteries. This flash pulls power from the camera's battery, sucking the life from it. But it comes in a nice little case.
9-10-23: This flash works ONLY on the Minolta Maxxum 3000i camera, which I will probably never buy. Pays to research before you buy. Carefully. Another brilliant idea to sell customers another accessory.

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