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Mark's Konica X-24 Auto

12-16-23: Dedicated flash for the Konica FS-1, FC-1 (I don't have yet), FP-1, and FT-1. Sets the shutter speed to sync speed of 1/100th, AND sets the aperture to 5.6 or 11 as set on the flash. The camera sends the film speed to the flash. It works from ISO 25 to 400. There were two models, earlier and later. The later version pivoted to allow rewinding without removing it. I would remove it anyway to avoid breaking it. The later model has a (metric and imperial) distance scale with the wide angle adapter (I don't have) mounted. Having already ordered the same model from an Ebay auction in Canada which may never arrive, I bought a second one from Goodwill for much less, in better condition (it appears). They even shipped it the same day I bought it, which is unheard of with Goodwill. The freight was fixed at five bucks, same as the "buy it now" price. The description suggested it was a camera, and the default picture didn't look like a flash, so I guess other Konica nuts passed it over. I don't even use flashes, I just want my collection to be complete. This one comes with the carry case, a good sign. This should be here by the 20th.

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12-21-23: It arrived in like new condition, despite poor packaging. Test light works. I got the newer model that has markings in metric AND imperial systems, and a rotating base, to make rewinding easier on some cameras. It's serial number 0100, maybe it's the 100th one made. It's got a JCII sticker dated 04, and the like-new pleather case says Japan also. The battery hatch is easy to remove but hard to re-install over the batteries, I see why most are broken. You must lay the cover atop the batteries, and press it (and the batteries under it) down as you gently slide it closed. Very gently. My grandfather, who was an engieer, was outraged when he saw me try to muscle something as a kid. I get it. The test button worked OK, but will it adjust the camera correctly through the hot shoe?

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