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4-20-23: This arrived with the Konica Autoreflex TC. Non-dedicated generic Thyristor automation, no manual mode. Head tilts, uses 2 AA batts. Has 2 tubes, which is good when you're bouncing off the cieling. It tilts but doesn't swivel. Has a handy test light to see if you're out of range. You fire the test button, and if you get a green light it says the thyristor cut off the flash. If you're too far from the subject it won't light. It's great for short range shots, like my kitchen, which I shoot with every camera. It's small, easy to carry and use.
6-23-23: Shot with Konica Autoreflex TC.
7-4-23: Shot with Vivitar 3300SE.
7-12-23: Shot with Minolta SRT-200.
7-13-23: Shot with Konica TC-X.
7-17-23: Shot with Mamiya/Sekor MSX 500.
11-1-23: Shot with Fujica ST801.
11-17-23: Shot with Konica FP-1 Program.
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