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Mark's Chinon S-240 flash Page

2-7-24: This flash comes with my Chinon CE-4 no 2, on which you just set the shutter on Auto. It sets the shutter speed, and flashes the 1/60th sync speed to show it's ready. Takes 4 x AA batteries, uses a hot shoe, or a PC socket. Don't know yet if the sync cord will arrive with the unit, it usually doesn't. It's guide number, for folks that enjoy long division, is 80. This is a thyristor flash, so math shouldn't be necessary.

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2-12-24: Arrived today with corrosion on the battery door. But I think it bit the dust before the batteries leaked. Cleaned all the acid out, which didn't get inside, but it's still dead. Going to open it up and check it out.

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