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Mark's Canon Speedlite 540EZ Page

I've wanted a big, serious flash for my Canon EOS cameras, both digital and film. I wasn't sure at all that this would work, as it seems to have been made for the Canon EOS 1N, a professional film camera. But it does. I have 3 EOS cameras: a Canon EOS 20D digital that came out about the same time as this flash, a Canon EOS Rebel S, and a Canon EOS Rebel G. All are consumer cameras. I tested all 3 with the 540EZ. The Rebels worked fine, even with a non-Canon EF lens. I was very lucky that the battery compartment on the 540EZ was like new, and it charges right up, even on the 4 AA NiMH rechargable batteries I used. It sets the camera to the right sync speed, sets aperture correctly for the lens speed and focal length, and lights up the scene for the auto-focus. Just amazing. I don't believe it will work correctly on any non-Canon EOS camera. It's the largest, heaviest flash I've got.

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