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Mark's Canon Speedlite 155a Page

This flash is dedicated for the Canon AE-1. When used with that camera (only) it sets the shutter speed AND aperture. With other cameras it's a typical thyristor flash. The flash angle is wide enough for 35mm lenses, it takes four AA alkalines, which should give you 300 shots. I was lucky, mine has a clean batty compartment. I never leave batteries in there when not shooting, so it will stay that way. It's got a green auto mode, good for 3 meters, and a red auto mode, good for 6 meters. There's a manual mode for creative types. It doesn't tilt or rotate. It is light and easy to carry. It's small and won't frighten anyone. I wanted the "correct" flash for the AE-1, and I eventually found one I could afford.
back front in the case
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