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1981 to 1985. This camera has most of the same features as it's competitors of the period. There's a metal electronic shutter going from 1 sec to 1/1000th. The focusing screen has a split image circle and microprisms, and it displays only the shutter speed information using LED lights beside a scale on the right side. X-sync is at 1/100th, kinda in the middle. It doesn't have TTL flash metering. It doesn't meter to ASA 3200 film. It absolutely requires two SR44 batteries. It has a meter switch on the front. If the shutter's not cocked you can use either the button or half depress the shutter release to meter. If it's cocked the shutter button just computes exposure and fires. There's an exposure lock dial on the front that will hold your exposure settings while you re-compose a picture. Leave the dial in O for automatic (?) or it will eat the battery up. It uses the same vinyl coverings as other Yashica cameras, that has probably rotted away by now. Buy a replacement kit online to replace it. It does accept a winder to advance the film, but you're gonna rewind it the old fashioned way. There is a dedicated flash for it on Ebay, but all the CS-201 flash does is set the sync speed, and light a ready LED if the camera's in auto mode. It doesn't use a threaded shutter release cable, but an electric switch for it is still on Ebay for $20 and up plus freight. I like using 16 LEDs for exposure indication instead of a fragile match needle system. I bought this at auction for $34.98 for three pieces: the camera, a zoom lens, and a generic flash including freight, handlilng fee, and taxes. That means I paid $11.66 for each piece, which sounds great to me.
5-29-23: Now film testing, shooting Arista EDU 100 ASA. Observations: There's no shutter lock. The camera beeps when it's too bright or dark, and there's no way to shut that off. The meter's on after pressing the button in front for a few seconds, then it turns off. The viewfinder LEDs are bright enough to see on a bright day. Also, it lights two LEDs when the shutter speed is somewhere between indicated speeds. It doesn't display the actual speed used. Took a couple of test shots with my Vivitar 2000 flash, with the shutter speed dial set to X.
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6-5-23: Here are the pics from the 5-31-23 roll. These were shot with Arista EDU 100 ASA / 24 exposures. Changes: Loaded the stainless reels in a dark bag, which took all the strain out of loading them in complete darkness. The film loaded easily and correctly for the first time, no wasted shots. And I used Forma Flow to eliminate water spots. It's cheap and a $5 bottle will last years.

4-16-24: Here's the rotational shoot, on Kentmere 100 ASA x 36 exposures. Developed in Caffenol-C (coffee) for 11 minutes), this film was shared with the Cosina CSM the day before. These pics turned out darker, even though I used -1 stop exposure compensation on the sky and water shots. The Cosina CSM shots turned out much better shot the same way and developed on the same roll.

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