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11-14-23: I only have a few Yashicas, so when this one appeared I decided to acquire it. It's a 1985 C/Y mount SLR, with an electronic / vertical / metal shutter from 16 seconds to 1/1000th in auto mode, or 1 second to 1/1000th in manual. It has a cable release socket for those long exposures (which I've never done). It uses silicon photo diodes for it's metering system, with 2 program modes, aperture priority, and manual (first Yashica to do that). It's got an exposure compensation wheel around the rewind knob. The cool part is this camera performs it's program modes with any C/Y lens. Most others had to re-design their lens mount. I think winders are fun, this one is compatible with the Contax 139 Winder II. I doubt I'll ever find one. The focusing screen uses LED's for shutter speeds (last Yashica to do that) and exposure setting, with the usual focusing aids. The camera needs LR or SR44 batteries. It does do TTL flash metering also, using a dedicated flash. By now I have lots of thyristor flashes that take most of the work out of flash photography, which I hardly ever use. It has no depth of field preview or exposure lock. But it was the best Yashica had made till then. Waiting eagerly for it to arrive.
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11-21-23 Arrived with leaking dead batteries. Happily that didn't destroy the battery carrier or compartment. All cleaned up, works like new. Came with a Katana 35-70mm K-mount lens that seems OK. The seals look OK, the shutter works, and the meter seems to be functional. Go for film test.

11-23-23: Here are some pics from the first test roll, taken on Arista EDU 100 asa and developed in Caffenol-C for 11 minutes. Original seals still OK, and the Katana 35-70mm lens seems OK to me. Saw a couple of deer galloping over on Nelson Island, and a few other photographers with very long, expensive looking lenses. I'm going out later in the day when it warms up a little, and the light is a better also. There are always long shadows here, even at noon.

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