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Released 1987. Here's a perfect camera for this museum. It's ugly, unpopular and was a huge flop commercially. It's probably not a bad camera, with a program mode or two, aperture and shutter priority, manual and bulb modes. It's got a vertical travel metal bladed shutter. It comes with a detachable dedicated flash, powered by the camera. There is a regular hot-shoe under the flash in case you need a beefier flash. It's got screwdriver type auto-focus, using a proprietary mount that only fits this camera, but they didn't make many lenses for it. It also has a replacable focus screen, although they may not have made any other screens, because it bombed in the market. It's also fully motor driven, and auto-loading. It doesn't have shutter speed or mode dials, using buttons instead. It does have a button battery with a 10 year lifespan under the top cover that's probably expired. It's soldered in, just to make it harder to replace. Hoping it just remembers the last settings used, and the DX coded film speed, since I reset all that every time I load film in it. There was one other bidder, I did him a favor outbidding him. It reminds me of the Minolta Maxxum 5000, which came out a couple of years earlier and is still popular. Once you get used to buttons they work just fine. Dials or at least wheels are more fun, and that's what sells.
9-25-23: Arrived intact, despite Goodwill's packing. And it seems to work. It focuses better than I expected, about as well as other first generation auto focusers. I haven't tried the flash yet, but I imagine it works. The rubber shutter release feels a little strange. The grip holds the CR5 battery firmly. The battery compartment and interior of the camera were squeeky clean.
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Think something's going on with this camera. Below is the first test roll of Arista EDU 100 ASA, developed in Caffenol-C (coffee) for 11 minutes. I'm not getting consistent results with Caffenol yet, but I bought a big jar of instant coffee, so I'll keep experimenting. What's interesting is that some images came out much better than others. These are un-retouched images. I'm really not happy because I got some good shots of a mink, and a deer over on the island. The meter in the camera agrees with the TTArtisan II outboard meter. All the images were taken in program mode, and I had to manually focus on those with water, which it's autofocus system doesn't like. Maybe it's a light leak, think I'll re-seal it and retest later. Despite being a horrible disaster in the market I like this camera. Despite having buttons instead of wheels It's fairly easy to use, the motorized transport works great, the autofocus is about like Minolta's was at that time. The meter display is a little hard to see with glasses.
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