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1997 to ??. Metal, vertical travel mechanical shutter, 1 second to 1/1000th. K-mount lenses. Meter is center weighted LED match needle. It takes 2 x LR44 or SR44 or equivalent. It has depth of field preview, a flash sync speed of 1/60th, and a self timer. It has no auto modes or auto focus. Really a throw-back to earlier years, perfect for photography students or photo-luddites who hate automation. The hand-held meter types. Will know more when it gets in.
5-12-23: Arrived ok, looks like it works. To activate the self-timer you pull the little lever above the red blinkenlite UP. Then push it down when done. Had to look that one up. Most of my K-mount cameras are large, heavy and very old. This one looks and feels new, and should be working a long time. There are no mechanical speeds, all electronic control. Guessing this is another Cosina build, will have to check on that.
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7-4-23 pics from the first test roll. These are un-retouched images. The same high contrast appeared in 3 rolls from 3 different cameras. I just opened a new bottle of Infosol-3, maybe that's why. Does it vary widely from batch to batch?

5-23-24: Both cameras on this roll came out muddy, over developed by a new jar of instant coffee. 9 minutes was perfect for the last jar, will try 8 on the next roll. There's nothing wrong with the cameras, they both look the same. First half was shot on the Vivitar V3300SE because it's got manual rewind and it's easy to leave the leader out for the next camera, Nikon N5005 I just received. It always pulls the leader inside the cartridge. Lenses used on this test were the Sears 50mm F1.7, a Soligor 80-200mm F4.5, and I tried a Makinon 2x doubler on the Soligor zoom. That makes a slow zoom impossible to use hand-held. Had to use 1/30th of a second in bright daylight. The flash used was a Vivitar 2000. The second pic shows the river running very high up Nelson Island, the next was using the doubler on a 200mm lens, which I shouldn't do without a tripod. The 5th pic is the 200mm lens at closest focusing distance, not very good.

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