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This is a simple toy camera. But it's got a big cult following because it can be hacked to provide Bulb mode (oh boy!), double-exposure capability, and more. It's not very elegant, these hacks involve dental floss sticking out of holes in the camera. But it's interesting. I won't be hacking mine. It's just an instamatic for 35mm film. Doesn't even take flash cubes. Exposure is 1/125th at f8. Nothing electrical there. Manual load, wind, and rewind. The focal length is 28mm. Has a tripod mount, which is hard to understand. At 1/125th fixed shutter speed it's somewhat immune to hand shake. This will be another of my winter cameras.
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5-19-24: First test roll, using Kentmere 100 ASA developed for 9 minutes in Caffenol-C. Same roll was used to test the Canon Sure Shot Tele. Generally the pics look like 110 or 126 film snapshots, due to the simple focus free lens. I'm actually amazed how well exposed they were with no shutter or aperture adjustments. The viewpoint shot (taken with most cameras) caught some sunlight overhead. The last pic shows the lens doesn't focus to infinity, but the bright light on the water didn't black out the rest of the scene, as my SLR's often do.

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