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2-5-23: Bought at Goodwill online auction, paid about $13 bucks. It is actually a Cosina Hi-Lite 202, 1975 to and comes with a Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 Lens. This mounts M42 lenses that I have. It has a metal Copal shutter which goes to 1/1000th, which I really like. The light meter used 1.3 volt mercury cell button batteries, which I don't like. The camera itself is completely mechanical. It doesn't have a shutter lock function. It's a heavy camera, which is believed to convey quality and durability. Of course we used to judge cars that way too. I was looking for bodies to use my M42 lenses on, and if it still works this may be a very good one.
new2-11-23: Camera arrived OK from Goodwill. Shutter seems to work OK, although I see some wear on one of the curtains. The lens diaphragm is slow, probably why it was donated. I have lots of M42 lenses. The film advance is OK. If the meter works it's GO for film testing.

Vivitar 220SL
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