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Released in April 2007. This was the lower range model, the -H9 was upper. I don't know if this works yet, ordered a charger and two new batteries from Amazon for around $15 bucks. It's a tiny little thing, with more features and pixels than my big Canon 20D. I've read some very long online reviews. Basically the screen is terrible in daylight, but the viewfinder works. It shoots video, but only at low 640x480 res at best. The mechanical zoom is slow, but works. The electronic zoom just pixelates everything. There is a USB port for dumping the images into my computer, but I need an expensive cable. Despite being tiny the camera should be used two-handed. This thing cost $400 bucks back in '07. I found it free, buried in a bag from an auction. It did come with the remote for watching your pictures on TV, or remotely triggering the shutter / zoom. I'd like to get a Sony digital camera that can use all my Minolta Maxxum auto-focus lenses.
5-9-23 Battery charger arrived, old battery still works so I have 3, camera works fine. Need cable for easy transfer to computer.
7-9-23: All equipment pics on this site now taken with this camera, on a copy stand for better lighting.
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First pics:

11-30-23: First snow. Grabbed first camera at hand, this tiny digital. Ran outside and caught the first thin snow falling.
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