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Released 1982. Pentax K mount. Rebadged Ricoh XR-7, which was top of the line for Ricoh that year. Electronically controlled shutter speeds from 16 seconds down to 1/1000th. Shutter speed and aperture visible in the viewfinder, using a window over the aperture ring, and a LCD display of speeds and a pointer. First time I've seen a LCD display in a camera. The aperture "window" is hard to see, at least for me with glasses. Manual and aperture priority automatic modes. Depth of field preview, which is hard to depress. Electronic self-timer. Double exposure button. Requires two LR44 or SR44 batteries. Mine is all black, came with 4 lenses, filters, the manual and more for $25 plus freight. I found several repair pages for jams and mirror stuck up issues.
4-19-23 Received auction package today. Camera and two lenses OK, two lenses bad, aperture sticking open. It came with a 50mm, 2 x 135mm (1 bad), and a 35-80mm zoom, also bad. The seals are rotten, an easy fix. While cleaning with alcohol I removed some of the black from the covers. It came with a rotating polarizer, a couple of skylights, and a "fogalizer". Bet that's for dreamy portraits. And a close-up lens / filter. Any time I get a camera that seems to work from these auctions I'm very happy. After new seals I'll shoot a test roll and post some here.

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8-3-23: A few pics from the first test roll, shot on Arista EDU 100 ASA, developed in Infosol-3. Looks like it's got a light leak. Will shoot again after it's fixed.
8-10-23: Replaced light seals with cotton yarn and adhesive-backed felt.
11-22-23: Nuts. The light leak looks worse. This is another roll of Arista EDU, developed in Caffenol-C (coffee).

1-28-24: More adhesive-backed felt on the door ends finally got it sealed. These pics were shot on Kentmere 100 ASA, and developed in Caffenol-C (coffee) for 11 minutes. The test pattern was taken in aperture priority, and looks great. The flash test used the Ricoh XR Speedlite 300P. It works perfectly because this is actually a Ricoh XR-7 camera, re-branded for Sears. The shoot started out foggy and overcast, with aperture priority selecting too-slow shutter speeds, even with the Pentax 50mm 1.7 lens. Switched to shutter priority at 1/60th to get some usable exposures. Later the sun peeked out so I tried the Promaster 70-300mm, F4 to 5.6. Barely able to get usable shots at 70mm. There were several mis-fires when I bumped the depth of field preview lever, or the shutter speed dial. There was one slipped frame double exposed by it's neighbor. Some frames were also grossly over-exposed, I don't know why. You can see all the shades of gray. I like that the sky and water didn't get washed out. You can also see the remaining snow on the banks of the island. Temp was mid 30's. The LCD in the viewfinder had no problems, the shutter makes a weird noise. I'm calling it working.

2-6-24: Discovered that this Sears KS-2 (aka Ricoh XR-7 camera) accepts the Ricoh PG-4 Power Grip (aka winder). You must use the camera's shutter release, not the one on the "power grip", but it works.
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