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2-5-23: Bought at Goodwill online auction, cost around $13 bucks. Made 1979 to 1983, although I read that Topcon dropped out of cameras in 1981. Uses 35mm film. This is a rebadged Topcon RM 300, Comes with a Cosina Cosinon-S 50mm f/2 Lens. Uses K-mount lenses I don't have yet. It has a metal focal plane shutter (good), uses LEDs for match needle exposure control, with a center weighted meter. Half-depressing the shutter release activates the meter. Max shutter speed is 1/1000th, and it even accepts a motor drive. I wondered if Topcon was related to Cosina (the lens I bought with this camera) and it is not. Topcon was foremost a lens manufacturer. The camera originally came with a Quantaray lens. Wondering what kind of adapters I can use, maybe my FD or SRT lenses would work on this. Being more modern this camera is designed for 1.5 volt batteries, so less hassle trying to adapt or use the wrong ones. It seems like this is a mechanical camera, except the meter. I prefer this in case the meter circuits are shot. I've been studying the hazards of electronic flashes on cameras lately, particularly with digital cameras.
2-11-23: Received from Goodwill OK, pics below. Both the camera and lens seem to be in great shape. Needs batteries, no corrosion in the battery compartment. Go for film test if the meter works. Really like this one.
3-1-23: Camera has first test roll, some expired "Albertsons" color print film I got free. Even if the colors are off it should tell me how well the shutter and meter are working, and if there are light leaks. I recently bought a Vivitar K-mount zoom lens for this and my other K-mounts, and an M42 to K-mount adapter to use all those prime (single focal length) lenses in the collection.
NEW sign3-8-23: Thought the test roll was 24 exposures, stopped at 40 thinking something must be wrong. Rewound a lotta film, so I think they just overloaded the cartridge a little. The red and green led's are a little dim in daylight. The shutter and mirror are noisier than I like. Tested with the lens it came with, and the 75-210 zoom I bought separately.
Quantaray D2RZ front Quantaray D2RZ top
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