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This was the first model camera I ever got, a Christmas present. The film cost way too much for my paltry allowance, so I didn't use it much. Paid $12 at a thrift shop.They cost $20 new back in the 60's, shot black and white only, had no focus adjustments and a fixed shutter. The aperture was adjustable be squeezing the red knob and turning till you saw "yes" in the viewfinder. It did have AAA batteries, and a built-in flash. I was thrilled. Nobody has made film available for this in decades. I saw a video showing how to load it with 35mm film in a darkroom, after modifying the camera. I just wanted to have it back, and maybe someday they'll start making the film again. There are lots of these in thrift shops dirt cheap.

Polaroid Swinger front Polaroid Swinger open Polaroid Swinger back
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