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Released 1985 to 1997. aka Pentax P3 in US. Last mass-marketed manual focus camera.
Metering: Center weighted meter. Exposure lock, but no compensation. DX coding only, or 100 ASA.
Shutter: Electronically controlled, 1 sec to 1/1000th. Self timer. Early version no cable release, later has.
Focus: Manual. DOF lever.
Viewfinder: Pentaprism. Split image, microprism. 11 shutter speeds in viewfinder, suggested blinks.Shows mode, flash ready, too bright or dark.
Exposure modes: Program and manual exposure.
Flash: X mode for flash automation with dedicated flashes. The AF200T and AF280T flashes I have, in Auto mode / program mode will set aperture and sync speed, and use ready light in viewfinder. The AF160 I have isn't mentioned in the manual. Will test.
Film transport: Manual film handling.
Batteries: 2 x LR44 or SR44 batts. Viewfinder led blinking once a second indicates low battery.
Lenses: KA lenses.
Limitations: No aperture display in viewfinder. Must have batteries to work.
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3-20-24: Arrived in good condition, seems to work fine.

3-24-24: This is the later version of this camera, which has the cable shutter release by the lens mount. I use it with the customary test pattern shot. Used my Pentax AF200T flash in auto mode for the the blacked-out kitchen. Most of these shots were taken with a Promaster KAF-mount 28-200mm lens. This is a very natural, easy to use camera. The first images used Program mode, but soon switched to manual mode because Program prefers high shutter speeds which means shallow depth of field. Manual mode, along with this camera's depth of field preview button give me more control over focus.

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