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Released 1991. 64,000 made by 1994. Aka F401x. Only odd-numbered SLR they made. Another Nikon that Nikon purists hate. It's got two dials on top and no LCD display. A beginner's camera that evolved from the equally disliked N4004. It's an entry-level camera, as Nikon tries to compete in the amateur market. Even their crappy cameras had great matrix metering and superior build quality. Price was $12.41, with $.01 freight. $19.46 total. Orig price was $485, in 1991 dollars. Has not arrived yet, will add more when it does.
Metering: Matrix metering. Center weighted for manual mode or using AE lock. Meter stays on for 8 seconds for half-press. Wants DX-coded film, sets to ASA 100 without.
Shutter: Electronically controlled vertical metal. 30 seconds to 1/2000 on Program or Aperture Priority modes, 1 second to 1/2000th on Shutter-Priority and manual modes: T setting means BULB.
Focus: Single servo auto focus, or manual with focus confirmation light.
Viewfinder: No focusing aids, just a rectangle for the auto focus area. Only 3 icons for flash, focus, and exposure OK.
Exposure modes: Program, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Manual and T (for bulb).
Flash: Built-in TTL flash. Syncs at 1/125th or 1/60th. 10 second self timer.
Film transport: Motorized. Indicator to show if it's moving.
Batteries: 4 x AA batteries.
Lenses: It wants series D lenses. Will work with old lenses in manual mode, bring your own meter.
Limitations: No manual film speed setting. No metering with old lenses. The flash is said to cause shadows with very wide lenses, or using lens hoods. Said to work with 28mm.
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5-14-24: After contacting the seller in Tacoma wondering about my camera Fedex finally picked up my package, in Parrysburg OH. They didn't say if the one I bought went to Ohio, or someone stole the one in Tacoma, or they already shipped it to the wrong address. Hoping what they're shipping me is at least as good. Maybe they're sending me a mint Nikon F1. That would be nice. It should get here around the 20th.
5-20-24 Well it arrived, the same one I ordered. Popped a lens and 4 AA batteries in and it appears to work OK. Will be shooting the next roll in it. It's larger than most other cameras and doesn't fit in the quart bags I'm using now for storage. The serial number is almost impossible to read, on the bottom if you're looking.
5-24-24: Both cameras on this roll came out muddy, over developed by a new jar of instant coffee. 9 minutes was perfect for the last jar, will try 8 on the next roll. There's nothing wrong with the cameras, they both look the same. First half was shot on the Vivitar V3300SE because it's got manual rewind and it's easy to leave the leader out for the next camera, Nikon N5005 I just received. It always pulls the leader inside the cartridge. All were shot in program mode, using auto-focus. There are two flash tests, first with the Nikon SB-600 and the second with the internal flash. Lenses used were the Nikon 35-80mm, and a Quantaray 100-300mm. All but the flash tests were retouched.

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