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This is my oldest SLR, and it looks like it. The kit, with hard case, cost $30.00. It came in a hard case with a Miranda 50mm lens (with a stuck / broken aperture), and several T-mount lenses with an M44 adapter. It seems to be OK but hasn't shot any film yet. It's got a removable finder screen, which is unusual. It also came with an exposure meter, and a dead flash. It also came with a screw-in self-timer, which I had never seen before. Early Mirandas, maybe all of them, used a proprietary bayonet mount plus a M44 screw mount. This model had a step-down mechanism connected to the shutter release button, which stops the lens down at half push. None of the remaining lenses support that, and have to be stepped down manually. Maybe I'll get another real Miranda B lens.

Miranda B kit Miranda back Miranda bottom Miranda front Miranda front 2 Miranda left front Miranda right front
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