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Released 1959, second series. First camera with an instant return mirror. It's got a removable finder screen, which is unusual. It also came with a hand held exposure meter, and a dead flash. It also came with a screw-in self-timer, which I had never seen before. Early Mirandas, maybe all of them, used a proprietary bayonet mount plus a M44 screw mount. This model had a step-down mechanism connected to the shutter release button, which stops the lens down at half push. None of the remaining lenses support that, and have to be stepped down manually. Maybe I'll get another real Miranda B lens. The kit, with hard case, cost $30.00. It came in a hard case with a Miranda 50mm lens (with a stuck / broken aperture), and several T-mount lenses with an M44 adapter. It seems to be OK but hasn't shot any film yet. This is my oldest SLR, and it looks like it.
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3-9-24: Finally put a roll of film through this antique today. It was so quiet I wondered if the shutter was working at all. Since it has no meter I brought along the TTArtisan clip-on, set to 50 ASA because it seems to underexpose everything. The film is Kentmere 100 ASA, developed 11 minutes in Caffenol-C. The lenses were the equally old but pristine Vivitar T-mounts it came with, using adapters to use on the M-44 Miranda. They have 2 aperture rings, so you can set the correct aperture on one, and stop it up and down to compose with the other. I don't have any lenses for the Miranda's bayonet mount. Would love to find the PM adapter (at a decent price) to mount M42 lenses on it. It all weighs a ton. After shooting it a while I got to like it. I decided there was too much debris on the finder screen, so just slid the pentaprism off and cleaned it and the screen off with a moist lens wipe. Can't do that with most of my other exhibits. The flash tests were taken with the Sunpak Auto 321s on a tripod bracket, using the FP connector as the X connector didn't fire. The shutter speed was set to X. The ASA setting on the top is just for reminder, along with what type of film you're shooting. There isn't any accessory shoe, so I kept the meter in my pocket when not needed.
First pic taken with the flash attached with my phone. None of the flash pics came out at all. Maybe should have used 1/30th instead of "X".

These were taken with the Vivitar 85mm.

And these wer taken with the Vivitar 200mm.

Technically I think these are some of the best exposed pics on the site. I'm keeping the TTArtisan set at 50 ASA instead of 100. And it looks like the Miranda is working perfectly.
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