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Released 1985.
The first thing I do when considering a camera for this museum is read all the reviews I can find. Some decry this camera's build quality and say the only reason for owning one is to use Minolta's best lenses. I don't know if this example works yet, it hasn't arrived. I won't be surprised if it doesn't, most X-series models I've bought don't. I wish they had stuck with the original mechanical shutter used in the SRT-101. All of those in this collection still work. Innovation isn't always improvement. This was the first year for the Minolta Maxxum 7000, the first widely accepted autofocus SLR. The X-series was already doomed. One reviewer, many years ago, found the X-7A was his favorite camera. I also have the Minolta X-370s which is practically the same model. I passed on this one, but when it was re-listed with a lens for $12 bucks including freight I couldn't resist. No other bidders, a perfect addition to the unwanted camera museum. I will probably never have an X-700, which all soar to high prices with no assurance that they work at all. Same series, same technology.
Metering: Center-weighted.
Shutter: Electronically controlled horizontal cloth shutter. Stepless in auto, 4 seconds to 1/100th and B. Remote shutter release on lens mount. 10 second self-timer with blinkenlite.
Focus: Manual
Viewfinder: Shutter speed scale/LED display, split image range finder, microprism circle, and matte screen. Mode indicator (Auto Manual or Bulb), flash ready, over / under.
Exposure modes: Aperture priority (auto) and manual. AE lock.
Flash: Hot shoe synch at 1/60th.
Film transport: Manual or winders below.
Batteries: 2 x SR44 silver, 2 x LR44 alkaline, or 1 x CR-1 lithium.
Lenses: Any SRT-mount lens, prefers MD series.
Accessories: Auto Winder G (I have) or Motor Drive 1. X-series flashes set shutter to sync speed and light ready lamp when charged. I have the Minolta Auto 200X.
Limitations: No depth-of-field preview button or PC flash connector. Same capacitor problems as all X-series?
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5-9-24: Received in fairly good condition. One of the batteries was dead, that's all. It looks better than the Minolta X-370s with an inlaid logo. The Kalimar 50mm F1.7 lens it came with has a solild feel to it also.

5-12-24: From the first test film, on Kentmere 100 ASA developed 8 minutes in Caffenol-C (coffee). A little thin, next roll I'll try 9 minutes. But they're showing more detail than the usual 11 minute development time. The camera and lenses seem to be OK. The camera was set to 100 ASA, and used in "auto" shutter priority mode. Shot with Kalimar 50mm F1.7 (8363), a Vivitar 75-300mm F4.5-5.6 D series (2668), and a Minolta Auto 200X flash. Normally flash pics come out best. This time they came out bad because of under development.

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