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I had to collect one of these. Bought it on Ebay for $38 including freight. Got one as a teen for Christmas, the first real camera I owned. This one has some dings on the top plate, and a screw was missing. Someone scratched some ID on it. I've got several SRT mount lenses, and all the M42 lenses will work on it with an adapter. It feels great to hold one in my hands again. This is second generation (1970 to 1973). The self-timer is jammed / not working. Mirror lockup is good, meter works, but the back doesn't spring open like it should. I bought a second one at a Goodwill auction that looks much better, but so far it's junk.
Here are my pics of the camera.
Front. Canon 20d keeps focusing on the lens, have to retake this. Back.You can see the rewind knob is bent sideways, and some top shell damage. Top. More damage to the frame counter area, the speed dial is dark, and the pentaprism damage. Top / front showing pentaprism damage. Screws were loose, someone tried to bent it back out. Left side, shows damage to top plate / rewind knob. Still works just fine. Top right. Looks pretty good from this angle. The top screw seen was missing, replaced it with one from scrap. All the others were loose.
Here are the pics from the first test roll, Arista Ultra 200 ASA, started 11-7-22. Looks like the camera worked OK, and no light leaks.

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