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Released in 1998. Newer features are the eye-start for the meter when you peer into the viewfinder, and the sensor on the grip. I can live without either of them. Happily there's a switch to turn it off. You can select spot and average metering, switch on the back. Shutter speeds from 30 seconds to 1/4000th. Auto focus, like all Maxxums. Built-in flash can be used as an autofocus assist light, plus the Dynax style hotshoe. TTL flash metering supported. Date and time data-back. Panorama mode. Manual ASA / ISO override of the pesky DX coding system. Programmed modes, shutter or aperture priority and manual modes. Needs two CR2 lithium batteries and a CR2025 battery for date / time imprinting. I've read that the battery door is too fragile, and I should collect lots of these to replace the door with. Motorized film handling, shoots 2 frames a second. Maxxums unload the whole roll of film when loaded, and wind it back into the cartridge as you shoot. This protects the exposed film in case it's opened early by mistake. I learned this the hard way, when the batteries on my Minolta Maxxum 7000 crapped out while rewinding, and I opened the back, ruining most of the film, except those that had rewound back in the cartridge. Always make sure the counter is back to zero before you open that thing. There is no manual rewind. If that happens just install fresh batteries and it will resume rewinding the film. Mine came with a Minolta 28-80mm F3.5 lens. It's not a very attractive camera, but this is where they all went at the end of the film era. It does have a lotta features. I see now the strap mounts are not symmetrical, look at the top-down picture.

5-11-23: Currently shooting first test roll of Arista EDU 400 asa / 36 exp with this. Went through the whole manual first. Made sure the "special options" were set right (defaults). Mounted the Minolta Maxxum 318i flash (that I bought for the wrong camera), and it didn't seem to work. Took some test shots with the flash, but there's a problem: If it can't focus (because it's dark) it won't trip the shutter. Even if you measured the distance it won't shoot unless it decides it's focused.
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5-20-23: Results of the first test roll, shot on Arista EDU 400 and developed by myself with Infosol 3 at 1:14 dilution for 8.5 mins. You can see how the date imprinting looks, although it won't accept years past 2019. 2013 means 2023. And setting it up is kinda complicated. Military time isn't available either. Learning how to beat spots and dust. Vacuumed the "darkroom" before work began. Wore food gloves while loading and unloading the reel. Dipped the film in 98% alcohol before hanging to dry. Still a few spots, but much better. All pics were taken in Program modes, like landscape and close-up. The lens seems to flare even with a hood on, but focus is pretty good. No light leaks or shutter problems. The viewfinder info is hard to see sometimes, but I'm wearing glasses which makes it worse. The camera rewound the film completely at end of the roll, and blinks a film icon to confirm it's rewound before you crack the back open.

4-14-24: Rotational shooting with Kentmere 100 ASA, second half of the roll. Developed in Caffenol-C for 11 minutes. Used Minolta 28-80, and Minolta 70-210mm.Flash was the Minolta Maxxum 3500Xi. Turned date imprinting off by hitting the mode switch (on the data back) till is shows -------. Taped over the film window just to be sure it won't leak. All shots taken in Program mode.

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