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This was the first consumer camera with auto-focusing lenses. I picked it up in a thrift shop for $22.04 incl tax. I had hoped to use some D-mount Minolta lenses I was given, but this uses Sony A-mount autofocus lenses. Bought a long zoom lens for $30 where I got the camera. Later I got a shorter zoom lens for around $20 off Ebay (I think). It works perfectly. I ruined the first test roll when the rechargable batteries crapped out while rewinding the film. Thinking it was safe I opened the camera and spoiled half the pictures. Must make sure it winds the counter back to ZERO before opening it up. It rolls all the film out when you load it, and reels it back in with each shot to protect the exposed film. The pics below are all that survived of a 36 shot test roll. It uses 4 AAA batteries, alkalines seem to work OK. I like the feel of this camera, like I do all Minoltas. The interface is kinda primative, and the lenses don't focus as quickly or quietly as newer ones do. The focus motors are in the body, not the lens like my Canon EF stuff. I wish it used AA batteries instead of AAA. I think there's a replacement battery holder for this, and there are cabled batttery packs for extended use that I don't expect to find.

Here are my pics of the camera:
Minolta 460tx left front Minolta 460tx front Minolta 460tx top Minolta 460tx back Minolta 460tx bottom
Here are some test shots. Got a roll of color film free somewhere. Usually I test with black and white film.

3-11-23: Here's a few from the second test roll, taken with Arista EDU 400 (ASA). These were taken in December 2022, mostly to re-test the camera after the first roll failed to rewind completely. This rewound completely, and operated OK in cold weather.

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