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1989 to 1992. So far this looks like a real stinker. What a wonderful marketing ploy: Make customers buy "cards" to program the camera for modes that are included with everybody else's products. Without them (26 in total) it's got only basic Program mode or manual. That little experiment didn't last long. It's got a tiny viewfinder. The autofocus system is said to be noisy and uncertain. The camera won't shoot until it's sure focus is correct. So I'll need the manual focus button. And you got all this for around $300 in 1989 dollars. Really wanted the Minolta Program 3500xi flash it came with. Was only bidder, paid $10 plus freight for the camera, flash, and a 28-105mm Sigma lens. If it works I'll run a roll of film through it, maybe I'll be surprised.

8-7-23: Arrived OK, appears to work OK. Didn't include any program cards.
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9-3-23: Results of first film test OK. I really don't like this camera. The auto-focus is struggling and the shutter release is bad. But it produces good pictures, and the motor drive worked right. It's big and heavy. Maybe the focus problem is due to the lens, and it refuses to trigger unless it thinks you're in focus. I took a few shots in Manual mode, which lets you shoot no matter the focus, and these triggered without hesitation.

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