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I bought this camera at a shopGoodwill online auction, from the San Diego Goodwill. There were two camera bodies, 3 lenses, 2 camera covers and a lens tube. Inside one of the covers were two rolls of very expired film. Perhaps the only thing of any value. Every single other piece was broken or not working at all. This particular camera has a back door that won't latch. The plastic hook was snapped off. The Quantaray lens it came with had all the mounting lugs snapped off. I put a good lens on it and a battery in it, and by holding the door shut it seems to work OK. Maybe I can use gaffer's tape to use it. I hate to buy another one just to steal the door, which has the date imprinting system in it. Before I checked it out I ordered the dedicated D-314 flash for it. For now it sits in the junk box, in a ziplock bag. I wanted a backup body in case the Minolta Maxxum 7000i craps out. I've got several Sony A-mount lenses now.

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