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7-3-23: This camera arrived with the plastic door latch broken off. Loaded a roll of Arista EDU 100 ASA / 24 exp in this to test, after the $8 roll of gaffer's tape arrived. The first attempt to auto-load film failed, and it took an hour to figure out why it wouldn't try again. In order to reset the camera for another load attempt you MUST unlatch the camera back, even if the back isn't attached to the latch. With that done it loaded right up. I did a couple of indoor flash tests and tomorrow I'll shoot the rest at the river. I've got a dozen Minolta's now, this is the second one from the same auction that is working again after being written off for dead. The "Albertsons" expired film produced terrible images and I threw the rest away. The processing fee for developing only isn't so bad, but the freight just kills me. No more expired film, even "free".
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Some pics from the first test roll shot 7-1-23 on Arista EDU 100 ASA. All 3 rolls from 3 cameras developed at the same time came out the same. Fresh bottle of Ilfosol-3 maybe. These were all taken in program mode. These are un-retouched images. Was thrilled to see that a camera I had written off still works this well.

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