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This is a 16mm "spy cam". I got it free when I bought the Canon A1, with a leather zippered case. It uses a proprietary film cartridge, and has no battery, meter, or flash. There is a flash port. I'll have to load the cartridge in the darkroom and develop the film myself. My existing digitizer does 16mm just fine, along with 35mm and 126 (which is really 35mm also). There are thumbwheel adjustments for shutter speed and aperture on the end of the camera. The lens is F/2.8 at 22mm. There were close-up lenses and filters available, this one has a UV filter attached. To install the film you must slide the camera apart and open a hatch. To advance the film and cock the shutter you slide the camera open and closed. There is even a frame counter, which you reset manually after loading film. I think this will be a fun camera to play with. I just bought a 16mm tank and reels to develop the film with, bulk 16mm film is available.

Here are some camera pictures. Photos from it will appear below.
Removed from leather carry case Front of camera, slid open to shoot. Blue dot on lens means shutter is not cocked. Top, showing shutter release and flash cable port. End showing manual exposure settings. There is no meter or automation. Inner camera slides out of shell to load film, in a cartridge like 110 but proprietary. Other side shows frame counter, reset manually after installing film. Close-up of lens details etched in case. F/2.8 at 22mm
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