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2-5-23: Bought at Goodwill online auction for around $13 bucks. Released in 1974, uses 35mm film. It's a sister of the MSX 1000, the difference being the highest shutter speed, like the model DTL 500 I have. It uses M42 lenses, which I have. It came with a Mamiya/Sekor SX 50mm f/2 Lens. The SX series uses a flavor of M42 lens with a pin to send aperture information to the body, so it can meter full open. It does mount any M42 lenses in stop-down mode. The MSX does spot metering, it's sister the DSX does either spot or average. The film advance lever switches the meter on. It's a purely mechanical camera which is good if the meter is shot. I don't know how available the SX lenses are, would be nice to have a couple for the collection. Let's see if the body works at all first.
Received from Goodwill. Focus ring on lens loose, back bent. Had to wiggle / force the back open. Shutter seems OK. Don't know if meter works yet.
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