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Mark's Mamiya Sekor MSX 500 Page

Released in May 1974. It's a sister of the MSX 1000, with a higher shutter speed. It uses M42 lenses. It came with a Mamiya/Sekor SX 50mm f/2 Lens. The SX series uses a flavor of M42 lens with a pin to send aperture information to the body, so it can meter fully open. SX lenses also have a lock button, so they don't fall off the camera. It does mount other M42 lenses in stop-down mode. The MSX does spot metering, it's sister the (earlier) DSX series does either spot or average. The film advance lever switches the meter on and stops the lens down when pressed in. It's a purely mechanical camera which is good if the meter is shot. I don't know how available the SX lenses are, would be nice to have a couple for the collection. Let's see if the body works at all first. Bought it at a Goodwill online auction for around $13 bucks.
Received from Goodwill. Focus ring on lens loose, film door bent. Had to wiggle / force the back open. Shutter seems OK. Don't know if meter works yet.

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7-17-23 Test roll taken with Arista EDU 100 ASA and developed with Infosol-3. Pic 2 is a mink. pic 4 shows the annual spider invasion. pic 5 shows early prep for winter, clearing trees from power lines. Pic 6 taken before dawn would be much better in color.
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