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Mark's Mamiya DTL 500 Page

Released January 1968. DTL is for Dual Through the Lens light metering. There's a switch on the front to select Spot or Average metering. Through the viewfinder you see a dark squre center bottom where the mirror is translucent, allowing the light to strike a photocell. A separate photocell looks at the entire scene for average metering. That is this camera's super power, and it was a big deal at the time. There were several models with different shutter speeds, from 500 to 2000. The 500's had no self-timer. Mine included a screw-in self timer that still works. It uses M42 screw mount lenses, with or without a stop-down pin. Some lenses can get stuck on the camera, or protrude too far causing a mirror strike. Pentax spotmatic lenses in particular. The film advance lever is also the meter switch and stop down button. Pressing the top retracts the lever to an off position. Also interesting is that it uses 1.5 volt batteries instead of mercury 1.3 volts. I haven't tested it yet with film but it seems to be fine. The flash that came with it was ruined by leaky batteries, and the case was rotted. The camera, with several lenses and a flash was a great deal for $30.00. I bought adapters to use the M42 lenses on FD and EF mount Canons, the M44 mount Miranda, and SRT mount Minoltas.
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7-20-23: Pics from the 7-20-23 test roll, taken at dawn. Shot on Arista EDU 100 ASA, developed with Ilfosol-3.

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