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1979. Konica AR lens mount. Shutter electronic, 2 sec to 1/1000th. Exposure shutter priority or manual. Built-in winder, self-loads to first exposure. Manual rewind. Socket on front for electronic shutter release, left handed release, and other options. Dedicated flash X24 sets shutter speed, or use 1/60 for generic flashes. Finder has a split image and microprism focusing aids. Takes 4 1.5v AA batteries.

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8-28-23: Results of first test roll very disappointing. Camera stopped advancing film on the 6th or 7th exposure. Gave no indication it wasn't working, but most of roll was blank. I included every shot on the roll, including the white-board shot I use to identify the camera / film. Found film perforations wrecked. Maybe the film got stuck somewhere. The good pics look fine, so the meter and shutter are OK.

10-29-23: 1. Take up roller had white film, cleaned. 2. Replaced light seals with cotton yarn and adhesive backed felt.
11-11-23: Loaded with Arista 100/24 and tested Lithium batteries.
11-14-23: Finally getting good results from the Konica FS-1. Used a Starblitz 75-200mm F4.5 lens, forgetting that the aperture is stuck, so can only be used in shutter priority or manual mode. That cost a few exposures. Most were made with Konica 50mm F1.8 Hexanon lens. I did have one issue on this roll: The new seals make the door hard to close when new. If the door's not closed completely the film cartridge isn't pushed up into contact with the rewind spindle correctly. So I had to remove this roll in the dark bag, and rewind it by hand. These unretouched pics were shot on Arista EDU 100 ASA film, developed 11 minutes in Caffenol-C (coffee), which turns out to be much more consistent than (expensive) Ilfosol-3 as seen in the dreary results above.

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