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1981. Program exposure mode ONLY. Since all you can do is focus, it's provided with a split ring and and microprism ring. Electronic shutter requires an LR44 or SR44 battery. The viewfinder shows a green and red LED to indicate if it can find any valid exposure. It has one saving grace, it only came in black. Mine is filthy but comes with the Auto Winder F, A Konica AR 28mm F3.5 lens, and a cheap strap. I bid $19.99, the minimum bid. Nobody else even bid. The winder was destroyed beyond repair by battery corrosion and discarded. The pictures below are as received.

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9-1-23: Test roll disappointing. Maybe it's the meter, or perhaps the shutter. Normally I can compensate when I know how many stops it's off, but with this camera there are no controls to fiddle with.

11-17-23: Loaded up another roll of Arista EDU 100 ASA / 24. The quick-load system worked perfectly, it winds to exposure 1 without tripping the shutter. Shot the test pattern page without any idea what the settings were, just a green light. Reading the manual disclosed that this camera only uses 3 apertures: F2.8, F5.6, and F11. It picks a good shutter speed from 1/30th to 1/1000th. Then took some flash shots. Turns out when you take the aperture off AE it defaults to 1/100th, which is the flash sync speed. Someday I'll get a dedicated flash. Mounted a Hannimex CB2200 and shot my kitchen as always. I decided the last test roll suffered from expired developer, this roll will get 11 minutes in Caffenol-C, which I mix up fresh for each roll. I just bought a Hexanon 135mm AR-mount F3.5 lens for all my Konicas. I'd like to get a 300mm too.

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