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1976 to 1982. Mine is a later model, with a capital K in Konica. Designed for two 3.6v mercury batteries. It has aperture priority automation driving a metal shutter. The finder has a split image circle which is much easier on my eyes. Outwardly is resembles the other Konica's I've collected. It suffers from shrinking, peeling covers. Happily this is cheap and easy to fix with an pre-cut kit online. Mine came with a 200mm zoom, and a 50mm F1.9. This camera appears to work.

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6-23-23: Pics from the first test roll. On the left are as taken, on the right are +1EV. These were taken with Arista EDU 100 ASA and should be really contrasty. Have to figure this out. I scanned them again using +1 EV trying to fix them, but they're still awful.

5-14-24: Shot some film today, but I realized it wasn't advancing. When I rewound it came off the take-up spool immediately, so I'm not expecting any exposures to come out.
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