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This was almost the last of the line for 126 film instamatics. The last model used flip-flash instead of Magic Cubes, and was all black. I got this from a Facebook Marketplace for $11.41 including freight. I wanted it because I think it was the last camera I saw my mother snapping holiday pics of us back in the 60's. Just sentimental value. Turns out you can buy an "adapter cartridge" called the Fakematic online, about $40.00 (ouch), which allow you to use it with 35mm film. You have to load the cartridge in a darkroom. This camera had no adjustments, meter, or batteries. Indoors it uses Magic Cubes for flash, these are getting hard to find also. Just point and shoot.

Here are the pics from the auction:

My pics of the camera:
Bought with original box Inside. Notice film advance gear is metal, a good sign.

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