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Was still looking for a 110 camera that didn't need a battery. I bought this one from a Facebook or Ebay seller for $10.85 incl freight. It's the same model as the Pocket Instamatic 20. Although is seems like it should work it doesn't advance the film. Gears inside are broken. So I kept looking for a working 110 camera. Decided to have a look inside to see what went wrong, and how they're put together. Turns out the gear wasn't plastic, and wasn't stripped. It was just broken off it's hinge by excessive force, probably at the end of the roll. My examination destroyed it and it was discarded. I still have 2 other pocket instamatics, and the much better Minolta 110, and Pentax Auto 110. The first test rolls of 110 film were disasters. Now I've had more practice loading the 110 reels and I have a better formula for developing it with Ilford chemistry.

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