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I bought this camera from a Craigslist seller for $12 bucks. I wanted it because my mother used one to take some of the family photos handed down to me. It was full of white specs, so I downloaded some info and took it apart to clean it. Was easy and looks like new. The shutter got a little sticky, so I oiled the springs and contact points with some very light sewing machine oil, fixing that problem. Unfortunately I put the lens in backwards, which some people like. Examples of that appear below, with an out of focus ring around the center. I opened it up and corrected (flipped) the lens back, and will post results below when they're ready. The camera is really fun to shoot with, I see why some pros actually use this camera exclusively. I also bought the Kodalite flash adapter (with original box and plastic diffuser / shield) for $14 at another thrift shop. Had a pair of original carbon batteries in it that had NOT leaked. I saved them.
My pics of the camera:
Kodak Brownie front Kodak Brownie left front Kodak Brownie right front Kodak Brownie top Kodak Brownie back
The Kodalite flash cost more than the camera:
With Kodalite Flash
Tests from first test roll, with lens installed backwards.
Old man on log Old man standing
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