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Released 1977. First with a silicone photocell light meter. M42 lens mount. Weird max shutter speed of 1/700th. Uses regular LR44 or SR44 1.5v batteries instead of 3.4v mercury cells. Split image rangefinder in the focusing screen. Fully mechanical camera, works OK without batteries and the meter. Some reviewers call this a sleeper, I hope so.
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6-25-23: Here are some pics from the first test roll. I wanted to compare the light meter app in my cellphone to the Fuji's meter, and if I could use it to compensate for a bad meter by adjusting the ASA / ISO filmspeed. To match the phone app's aperture I had to set the ASA to 25 on the camera. The film is Arista EDU 100 asa. I fixed my speed on both the phone meter and the camera to 1/250th, and shot the same scene at BOTH 25 ASA (as the phone app suggested) and 100 ASA, using the camera's meter. In most cases I like the camera's meter better. Maybe I'm wrong, and the phone's meter is actually correct. I just like the correct ASA in the camera better. The shots on the left are at 25 ASA, and the right ones are 100 (correct) asa. I've decided tha phone app must be incompatible with my phone, or just buggy and wrong. I was also worried that the gap in the lens mount would leak light, so relieved it didn't.

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