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Released: 1980. Top of the line. 4LR44 battery, AE modes include aperture priority, shutter priority, programmed, and stopped down. Cloth shutter to 1/1000th. Optional Auto Winder X for 2 fps advance, manual rewind. Dedicated flash Fujica Auto Strobe AZ. Mult exposures: Hold down white R (for rewind) button and cock shutter again. No limit to number of exposures. Wants DM series X-Mount lenses. The older X-Fujinon and X-Fujinar series only work with aperture priority and manual modes only. Has a built-in viewfinder shutter for self-timer and long exposures. There were 7 bids for this kit, but I prevailed for only $23 plus freight. A steal, just for the lenses.
9-7-23: Arrived intact, everything works, even the battery in the camera. The power switch is hidden next to the rewind knob. Left side of viewfinder displays both shutter speed and aperture. Came with new battery in package, several X-mount lenses, lots of lens cleaning stuff including a (slightly) radioactive brush. I don't know if the lens doubler it arrived with or telephoto lenses are DM compatible for program mode.
9-13-23: Resealed with cotton yarn and adhesive backed felt.

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9-25-23: First test roll shot with Arista EDU 100 asa, and developed in Caffenol-C. Looks like my re-seal job missed something. Tested 9 X-mount lenses and 4 exposure modes, all came out like this. The exposure was largely the same on all, with the light leak in exactly the same place on each frame. So the meter, shutter, and film transport are all OK. Added more felt to seal the hinge area.

10-23-23: Still has a light leak. Was acting like Bulb mode, wouldn't drop mirror till finger off release. Expected all pics to be overexposed. Turns out the shutter was OK, it was mirror hang. The mirror bumper was degraded foam, and the sides of the mirror box were covered in degrading coating of some kind. Removed it all, not it drops OK. But I blew debris up into the focusing screen. Added felt to both both hinge and latch ends of door, and the mirror bumper. Removed bad foam around the film window, and taped it over with 2 layers of gaffer's tape. Think the mirror hang issue is fixed. Ready for another test.

2-11-24: Shot a roll of Kentmere 100 ASA today, using the untested Winder-X, and a Makinon 24-50mm lens. Today's test was to see if the light leak was fixed, and if setting the exposure compensation to +1, the max for this camera. The winder test flopped almost immediately, turns out it doesn't like 1.3 volt NiMH rechargable batteries. Works fine on fresh lithiums. The exposure compensation experiment is inconclusive. Some of them turned out quite dark and contrasty. When I forgot to set it back to zero you get dull grey fog. I found a mink very close by, and spent five or six exposures trying to get a good shot. I failed. To catch fast moving subjects I really need auto-focus, which this camera lacks. These were all taken in program mode, and I'm not happy with any of them. The last exposure double-exposed because the winder was trying to work. At least the light leak is fixed.

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