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Released 1978.
Metering: Centerweighted match needle, stop-down. Film speeds 25-800 ASA / ISO.
Shutter: Mechanical Copal vertical shutter, metal curtains. 15 second self timer.
Focus: Manual, depth of field preview,
Viewfinder: Pentaprism. Microprism focus aid.
Exposure modes: Manual
Flash: Hot shoe, sync speed 125th or less.
Film transport: Manual
Batteries: 1.35 volt mercury.
Lenses: M42 screw mount.
Accessories: Came with a Sears 135mm auto / manual aperture lens.
Limitations: Typical 1960's, early 70's M42 mount camera. Heavy all metal and glass, loud Copal shutter. No winder.
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4-8-24: Forgot I bid on this. Nobody else did. This will be the oldest Chinon in my collection. All of them take great pictures, needing nothing more than light seals. I'm not crazy about the (peeling) black leather on the pentaprism hump. If the battery hasn't leaked it should be fine.
4-22-24: Camera arrived in working condition. Even the self-timer. The hot shoe is bent, tried to pry it open again. Needs more work. The battery hatch is a bayonet latch, which I like a lot more than a screw type. Needs light seals before film testing.

4-24-24: First test shots taken with Kentmere 100 ASA, developed 11 minutes in Caffenol-C. These have not been adjusted. I used a hearing aid battery in an O-ring, as this was made for a 1.3v mercury battery. Used a radioactive Pentax 50mm f1.4, and a Vivitar 85-205mm. I moved the self timer lever once or twice, wasting an exposure. The view point shots were taken at 100 ASA, then again at 50 ASA. The meter worked best set at 100 ASA.

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