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1980, only in production a year. First Chinon to use the Pentax K-mount, along with the Chinon CM-4. The CM-4 is the same camera with a mechanical shutter, this one is electronically controlled, for shutter priority AE. Seiko Vertically Traveling Focal Plane Shutter.B, 8 – 1/1000 seconds, stepless in AE. Uses 3 x LR44 1.5v batteries. 2 x Blue Silicon Photo Diode TTL Meter with Aperture Priority AE. The on/off switch also selects exposure lock, which saves the metered exposure while the shutter release is depressed halfway. It accepts a Power Winder 530 motor drive, the Power Winder S, or the Chinon PW-530 I have. There's also a Chinon Info Back DB-010. The self-timer is selectable for 5 or 10 seconds, and has a blinking light visible from the front. It's got an exposure compensation and ASA selection dial around the rewind crank. Using it with lenses set to "A" can jam it. Have to remove bottom plate to fix. Flash sync speed is 1/60th. I ordered a Sunpak 144D multi-camera dedicated flash which is supposed to support Chinon. Another unwanted camera, I was the only bidder. The opening bid was kinda high at $19.99 plus freight, but I really like Chinon gear. Chinon winders, flashes, and other goodies are harder to find than Nikon or Canon.

10-30-23: Camera arrived intact, Meter and shutter appear to be working. The seals need replacement. The Mitsuki 28mm lens it came with was junk. Metal shavings and broken springs. Discarded.
10-31-23: Replaced light seals with cotton yarn and adhesive backed felt.
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11-3-23: Here are the hits from the first test roll, shot on Arista EDU 100 ASA, and developed in Caffenol-C for 14 minutes. It still came out over-exposed with 2 minutes less development time. These were all shot with a Chinon F1.9 lens, using the camera's meter. The TTArtisan Meter 2 agreed with the camera for the test pattern. These were shot in the late afternoon, when it warms up a little. The light then points across the river to Pasco, WA on the other side. When I shoot across the river in the morning it's right into the sun.

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